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Emergency Trauma & Urgent Care • Open 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week • Compassionate Emergency Care Since 1973 We are a full service Emergency, Critical Care, and Urgent Care Hospital. Common Medical Emergencies include: -Traumatic injuries - fractures, bites, burns, lacerations -Bite wounds -Automobile accidents -Wounds, bleeding -Respiratory emergencies' choking, breathing problems -Dizziness, staggering, tremors -Vomiting, diarrhea -Difficulty urinating or defecating -Shock, loss of consciousness -Seizures -Paralysis -Toxic reactions, poison ingestion -Swollen, hard, painful abdomen -Labor and delivery problems -Blood in urine or feces -Heatstroke -Post-operative or post-anesthetic problems -Pain management -Fever -Masses or tumors -Abnormal gum color (pale, bruised, blue) -Inability or unwillingness to eat Our services and equipment include: -24-hour care & monitoring by veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians -Complete in-house diagnostic equipment for immediate test results -Emergency surgery available by our Board Certified surgeons -Digital radiography, ultrasound, sonography, endoscopy -Oxygen therapy, transfusions, continuous nebulization -Pulse-Oximetry, blood pressure -ECG monitoring -Continuous rate infusion for IV fluids and medications -Advanced pain management -Nutritional support In addition we offer: -Orthopedic Surgery -Neurology and Surgical Neurology -Minimally Invasive Surgery (arthroscopy, laparoscopy, thoracoscopy) -Surgical Oncology & Reconstruction -Post Trauma Surgery -Endoscopy -Internal Medicine -Urgent Care -Drop Off North Peninsula Veterinary Emergency Clinic was established in 1973 by thirty-three peninsula veterinarians who decided that 24 hour patient care should be available for their patients. After 40 years in business, we are still owned by veterinarians throughout the peninsula. We consider ourselves a family and hope that if the time ever comes when you need our services, you too will join our extended family! Many veterinarians on the peninsula refer emergency calls to our clinic in the evenings, on the weekends, over the holidays, and even during the week when they may not have any appointments available. If your doctor is unavailable, our clinic is simply the best way to guarantee that your pet will be cared for by an experienced and knowledgeable medical staff. We maintain close personal relationships with local veterinarians and routinely work with them to provide the most comprehensive care available. We work in collaboration with your regular veterinarian to provide comprehensive care. Our comprehensive care team can provide board certified surgeons and board certified veterinary specialists when necessary. Unlike some larger veterinary surgical and specialty practices, all of our surgeons and specialists are board certified veterinarians, not interns. We are a full service Emergency and Critical Care hospital. Show Your Pride, Let Us Know You Found Us Through Pink Spots Gay & Lesbian (LGBTQ) Friendly Veterinarian & Pet Hospital


227 North Amphlett Boulevard
San Mateo, California 94401

We are approximately 2 blocks south of the San Mateo DMV office. There are several animal-related businesses on the block, but we have a big blue bench right in front -- can't miss it!

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3 Reviews
Paul R
redwood city
no more tics

We took my 6 year old dog to the clinic late last night. He had a tick burrowed in his head that I had been trying to pull it out with tweezers, but no luck. We arrived to the clinic and within in milliseconds they were able to pluck it out. This was the second time we have been here and the service is outstanding. We thank you so much!

March 2018

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Paul T
Millbrae, CA
Thanks to this clinic

I found the staff to be kind and caring during a difficult time. I am thankful for this clinic. Informative and thorough on our pets condition. I would highly recommend this facility.

October 2017

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Jill C
San Mateo, Ca

North Peninsula took care of my cat when he had to be seen in the middle of the night. There was a long wait, but they took good care of him and I appreciate the fact that they are open 24 hours a day

January 2018

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