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Rent-to-Own Musical Instruments
Rent to own your own musical instrument in the San Jose area! All rental payments apply to the purchase.

Band Instruments
We have all the band instruments you need in all of the top brand names. We carry clarinets, flutes, alto and tenor saxophones, trumpets, trombones, violins, cellos and more!

Musical Instrument Repairs
Highly experienced musical instrument repair professionals will repair your string, woodwind and brass instruments. In house repairs, walk-ins welcome. Our staff will also remove dents, tune and restring instruments.

Music Lessons in San Jose
We have music lessons for students of all ages. Music Village offers music lessons for all the major instruments like clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, flute violin, piano, guitar, bass, voice, and drums. Come learn an instrument with our experienced music teachers!.

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2971 Union Avenue
San Jose, California 95124
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