Kelly's Edge Sharpening

690-A Redwood Highway
Mill Valley, California 94941

Kelly's Edge Sharpening

690-A Redwood Highway
Mill Valley, California 94941


Knives, Scissors, Beautician Shears & Garden Tools Since 1997

Knives, scissors and other bladed tools don't stay sharp forever and as they become dull, they lose their functionality. While your first thought may be to throw out your old, dull-bladed tools and spend money on new ones, there is a better, more cost-effective solution out there. Kelly's Edge Sharpening in Mill Valley, California, can sharpen your knives, scissors and other bladed tools, giving them a sharp, like-new edge all over again. We help homes and business alike keep their tools sharp and functional for a great price!

Dull knives and bladed tools are an inconvenience for homeowners, but for business owners who depend on them, it can hurt your budget! Buying new knives, scissors and other bladed equipment can run up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on the size of your business. From restaurants to landscapers, your tools are your work. Let us help you keep your blades sharp and functional without the need to go out and buy expensive new equipment!

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Gardening Tools
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10 Reviews
July 05, 2019
A friend recommended this place. It was a little hard to find (it's a little shack behind the Green Jeans sign) but once I went in, it only took about 10...
October 18, 2018
Awesome service by an unassuming guy. Kelly did a brilliant job sharpening my much better than sur la table & I like that I'm supporting a local...
October 13, 2018
Yelpers beware - the address in this listing is incorrect! Kelly's Edge is at 690 Redwood Highway. The business is located in a small building in the north...


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690-A Redwood Highway
Mill Valley, California 94941
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