JMPO Estate & Home Organizing

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Campbell, California 95008
JMPO Estate & Home Organizing
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JMPO Estate & Home Organizing

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Campbell, California 95008


Efficient, friendly, supportive and confidential: Joan is this and more! Your home or business deserve the focused attention and respect that professional organizing will bring. Take your first step and ask for information.

Space is for people, not for stuff!

Do you have boxes and piles that have sat for months or years?
Is your space too cluttered to be functional for you or your family?
Are you faced with sorting through a loved one's belongings after a death or long term care move-out?
A great organizer can help you sort out the frustrations and chart a path to success. It's a winning solution!

Joan specializes in chronically disorganized situations, including long-term paper accumulation, deep clutter and overwhelmed spaces. Seniors, disabled and AD/HD clients are welcome.

Act of Bravery - Bringing in a Professional Organizer

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Gay & Lesbian (LGBTQ) Friendly Friendly Organizing Services


Paper management and filing systems
Process improvement
Product recommendations
Storage systems
Closet space optimization
Room re-organization
Disposal solutions
All household areas, including garages ​​
Specialized support for seniors
Provide a detailed review of all personal property
Sort like items
Recommend what is a discard, donation or valuable
Remove trash, recycling, e-waste, and donations responsibly and ethically
Identify tangible assets for beneficiaries
Create photo inventory
Comprehensive project management
Coordinate local services for appraisals, estate sale, repairs, shredding, cleaning, hauling, etc.
Ship property to beneficiaries
​Pack property and transport to storage
​Review paperwork, identify account records, separate personal correspondence from junk mail, all for executor review


Campbell, California 95008
Serving the Santa Clara Valley area: Campbell, Saratoga, Los Gatos, San Jose, Cupertino, Mountain View, ​Santa Clara, Los Altos, Sunnyvale and beyond.
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