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Eat Healthy. Be Healthy • We're Locally Owned, Independently Operated & Certified Green We are a distribution SPOT for Pink Spots, pick up your new LGBTQ Neighborhood Guide here! Guides located in the hallway by the bathrooms. We dig real food and good taste. We dig it when it’s fresh, we dig it when it’s local. Shopping for food products should be easy. You shouldn’t have to read labels looking for undesirable ingredients that are bad for you or the planet. It’s not what we want, and we’ll never sell it to you. So we’ve done that all that ingredient scouring for you.* By sticking to a very strict buying guideline, we will not carry any product with questionable ingredients or from questionable producers. Our aim is to only carry food and goods that are as close to nature as can be. You can shop knowing you will NOT find any of the following in our products throughout the store: No chemically processed foods No synthetic ingredients, fillers, sweeteners or additives. No hydrogenated oil (no trans fats) No non-organic refined white sugar No products containing monosodium glutamate (msg) No chemical food coloring No chemical preservatives That means, at a minimum, all of our products will be at least all-natural. It’s our preference and we primarily sell only certified organic goods. We strive to keep the food fresh, locally produced, Non-GMO certified and minimally processed when possible. *You’ll have to look for allergen info, and nutritional facts as that varies person to person. We do have extensive selections of foods for those with special diets too. Guidelines for Eggs, Dairy & Meat All animal products sold at Alameda Natural Grocery come from producers who are committed to raising their animals in humane standards, and that provide their goods in the way nature intended. EGGS Alameda Natural Grocery will only sell eggs from hens raised cage-free and fed on only 100% vegetarian feed. All of our lines of eggs are certified organic, and we have a preference for carrying eggs from locally-owned family farms. DAIRY All of our dairy products (milk, cheese, kefir, butter, yogurt etc) must be produced without the use of the genetically engineered growth hormone, rBGH, as well as no artificial preservatives, colorings or flavorings. MEAT All of the meat sold at our store is certified organic. In addition, the following criteria must also be met: No use of antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones. All animals are raised on vegetarian diets. No feed containing animal by-products. No artificial food colorings or preservatives. No meat or dairy from cloned animals or their offspring. Please Let Us Know You Found Us At Gay & Lesbian (LGBTQ) Friendly Grocery Store


1650 Park Street
Alameda, California 94501

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Monday - Saturday: 8 - 8 Sunday: 8 - 7


2 Reviews
Davey B
plenty of options

Bunch of good stuff. Produce is fresh, bunch of other good spots in the building, plenty of healthy options, and some stuff you won't find at most other stores. Their supplement game is also perfectly hippie, organic, non-gmo, and on point. They are expensive but you kind of expect that in this sort of store.

March 2018

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Chris H
Oakland, CA
sometimes pricey but worth it

I could always find what I am looking for. Favorite finds: raw chocolate with maca and no water tomatoes during the summer. They have a large beauty section. But what I love here the most are their fresh and soft macaroons form the bakery.

October 2016

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2 Reviews



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