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Marin Voice: Fight against AIDS and stigma still far from over


Thursday is UNAIDS’ Zero Discrimination Day. HIV-related stigma, perceived and real, is a major issue for people who are attempting to express themselves openly and live healthy and genuine lives.... Read full article

New Animated Series Aims To Teach Young People About HIV Prevention

by By David Artavia on

Young people are often left at the mercy HIV stigma, but one animated series aims to school them with facts instead of fear. ... Read full article

Art therapy for people who use

by San Francisco AIDS Foundation on

Art therapy, or expressive art therapy, provides an outlet for people who use drugs and people with a history of personal trauma.... Read full article

Couples: Family Planning: Don’t F%@K Up

by Chandrama Anderson, MFT on

Couples: family planning: don’t F%@K Up! I believe that family planning needs to be an open and ongoing topic for couples — even if you just started dating. People’s wants and needs change, so be sure you talk about it periodically and explicitly.... Read full article

Looking Ahead To World AIDS Day 2017

by Amb. Deborah L. Birx, M.D. on

Every year, the global community commemorates World AIDS Day on Dec. 1. It is a time to honor those who have lost their lives to AIDS...... Read full article

In Defense of Gender Revolution


The controversial National Geographic documentary taught middle America about transgender people, Elijah Nealy writes. BY ELIJAH NEALY in ADVOCATE.COM... Read full article