2 Brides at Home

You usually keep the guest list small because you know who you feel comfortable inviting into your home and sometimes you forget that the day is supposed to be all about you as you rush around to get refreshments for your guests and make sure they are comfortable and happy. But overall you are just as nervous, just as excited, just as in love and 100% more likely to have the most important people in your life share your experience.

The rings , the cake, the silhouette cake topper, the jewelry and the flowers are but a small part of the brides perfect wedding day. I had so much fun with them. 

The inside of the wedding cake is as delicious as the outside is beautiful. Don’t you just love the topper!the perfect jewelry to compliment your wedding day attire can take your ensemble to new fashion heights.A beautiful rose bouquet is perfect for the backdrop of the wedding rings.

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