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This is the place where babies are made, families are formed and dreams are realized. LGBT Modern Family Services For over three decades, Dr. Zouves has helped hundreds of patients within the LGBT community achieve the family of their dreams. Zouves Fertility Center is proud to support anyone for whom IVF is medically indicated regardless of his or her relationship arrangement. Lesbians who are single or part of a couple can achieve a successful pregnancy with the assistance of donor sperm. Lesbian couples can participate in the IVF process together, where one partner supplies the eggs and the other becomes the gestational carrier. It is also an option for the brother of the gestational carrier to provide sperm so that both female partners have a genetic contribution in a single cycle of IVF. Donor Sperm Gay men, single or part of a couple, can achieve a successful pregnancy with the assistance of donor eggs and surrogacy. When in a partnership, we have found it is most common for both male partners to provide sperm for the eggs to be fertilized equally – with one embryo from each sperm provider being transferred into the gestational surrogate. Dr. Christo Zouves and his team perform the latest fertility treatments with the most technologically advanced techniques at his state of the art facility. Dr. Zouves is known for his progressive approach to fertility solutions – Maximum Science, Optimum Health – which aid in the success of helping families reach their most personal goals. Zouves Fertility Center is committed to providing customized care with the utmost dignity and respect. A leader in the field of Reproductive Technology since 1984. Zouves Fertility Center provides comprehensive fertility services, including conventional IVF, IVF with Delayed Transfer, IVF with Egg Donation and Surrogacy. Also offering Comprehensive Chromosonal Screening. Zouves Fertility Center's state of the art Embryology Laboratory is offering Vitrification, ICSI, TESE, CCS/CGH and balstocyst transfers. Show Your Pride, Let Us Know You Found Us Through Pink Spots Gay & Lesbian (LGBTQ) Friendly Fertility Clinic


1241 East Hillsdale Boulevard
Suite 100
Foster City, California 94404

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