Club 2020


Located in the East End of Downtown, Club 2020 is a free standing 6,400 square foot multi-level venue that offers VIP rooms, runway-stage and three video screens. The ornate contemporary décor is intermixed with the latest LED tech and all the bells, whistles and subwoofers you would expect in an upscale club, Club 2020 has an impressive nightlife lineup. The sunken dance floor is surrounded by VIP banquettes, cages, and runway stage, with a range of intelligent lighting effects to enhance the intimate design; the stylish look is inspired by a truly regal aesthetic. Club 2020’s allure has attracted a list of famous performers who have hit the stage. It stands out as the exceptional spot reserved for single nights and special events that can be tailored to your needs. Club 2020 goes back to basics: the best DJs, a strong door, impeccable service, stunning decor and lighting, skillfully designed acoustics and a sound system that will blow your socks off. It is a haven for individuals seeking a culturally rich nightlife. For over a decade, Club 2020 has remained focused on maintaining high quality service and providing an experience unlike any other. Conceived in 2006, Club 2020 is the brainchild of its owner, Deidre Sam. The Club 2020 experience has garnered her recognition as a business visionary, who promotes and welcomes freedom of expression for adult GLBTs in the Houston Metroplex. Under her leadership, Club 2020 has established itself as a legendary name in Houston’s dance music scene.


2020 Leeland Street
Houston, Texas 77003

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